Why Digital Marketing

What we do?
We provide your business with leads through the use of inbound marketing within various digital channels lowering your advertising and marketing costs. As your digital marketing consultants, we act on your behalf to optimize various digital channels providing leads and reviews – monitoring channels to mitigate reputation management.

Why digital over other traditional forms of marketing and advertising?
With worldwide use of mobile devices on the rise and the proliferation of networks expanding more consumers are using mobile devices to research and search for [local] goods and services and if you’re not online you’re missing the world wide web’s economy of scale. Digital optimization lowers the cost of traditional advertising because the cost of acquisition per customer is lower.

How we do it?
We optimize various digital channels (i.e.: blog, Facebook, Twitter , Google+) so that your customers can find your business locally and globally.

What is a Digital Marketer?
Marketing consultants are experienced professionals that can help a company or business create and execute plans and strategies that will market, or sell, that company’s products or services. It’s very important to understand that marketing consultants are not just ad agencies or advertising executives. While creating ads and tag lines will be part of a marketing consultant’s job, there is much more that’s involved.

Why Hire a Digital Marketer?
When it comes to marketing your company’s product, there are a few choices that you have. You can do it yourself, you can hire someone full-time to take on the job, or you can hire a marketing consultant. This latter choice is really the only way to go. Yes, that’s partly because they bring all the skills, experience, and knowledge necessary to do the job correctly, but that really is only part of it. There are so many reasons to hire a marketing consultant, and no reason why you shouldn’t.

Money. Yes, just like everything else in your business, marketing comes down to money. The better your marketing campaign is, the more money you are likely to make. And while you may think that hiring a marketing consultant will take away from that extra profit, because you’ll be spending those extra dollars on your consultant, this is absolutely untrue. If you take on the giant task of marketing yourself and fail, it will cost your company hundreds and thousands of dollars. And when that happens, your marketing budget may already be tapped, disallowing you the opportunity to find your mistakes and do it again properly a second time. And that’s not the only way that marketing consultants will save you money.

Another very good reason to hire a digital marketing consultant is simply because you are too busy to do it yourself! As the owner of a small business, you already have several balls in the air that you’re juggling. Marketing is an enormous area and if you take it on yourself, you’re bound to drop one of those balls, either in the marketing department or somewhere else within the company. And wherever something gets missed, that’s going to cost your company money in one form or another.

 Top 10 reasons why you need a digital marketer

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