Social Media Marketing Myths


Social Media Marketing: The Myths
Believe it or not, there are many myths surrounding social media marketing. From those who say it’s easy, to those that promise overnight results, in this section we’ll look at the biggest myths surrounding SMM; and then we’ll spend the rest of the report debunking them and showing you how you can do it, get it done for you, and get the results you’re looking for.

Social media marketing is easy
This is probably the biggest myth out there. Yes, social media marketing involves starting a blog for your business, and getting a Facebook and Twitter page. But you’ll need to do more than just that and if you go into it thinking it’s easy, you’ll only be discouraged.

Social media marketing generates results overnight
Along with not being easy, SMM is also not the quickest way to get the word out about your brand. You will generate results with this type of marketing, but it’s a consistent effort, not something that happens immediately.

Social media marketing can be handled by anyone
Too often, companies think that SMM is a simple matter of posting a status to Facebook, or tweeting out a link to a product. Because they think this way, they hand off the SMM duties to a co-op student or an intern, when that can be a big mistake. Handling an entire SMM campaign requires an in-depth expert knowledge about SMM and how to most effectively use it for your business. You can do this yourself after great study, or you can hire someone who already knows everything about SMM. You can even tutor your intern yourself in it; the point is, you need to make sure that the person handling your SMM is highly knowledgeable about it, and knows it’s about more than statuses and tweets.

All you need is great content
Content is king, there’s still no doubt about that; no one will stick around if you don’t have much to offer. But there’s lots of great content out there that never gets read, because people don’t know about it. Start with great content, and build (and build and build and build) around that.

Social media marketing is new
This one we’ll debunk for you right now. Social media marketing actually began in 2006, and started becoming widely used in 2008. By 2009, it was the standard norm and by 2011 people are becoming so bogged down by constant SMM that they are becoming increasingly more difficult to impress, and make yourself stand out from the crowd. If you think SMM is new and so you have a lot of time to get going on your campaign, you’re wrong. But get in on it now, and you’ll soon be running with, and competing against, the best of them!

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