Get Social & Local

Present a unified and optimized online presence through local and social channels


To be competitive online and to improve local search rankings, your business needs to have and maintain an accurate, effective, unified and optimized online presence in mobile, social, and local channels.

Mobile Website

Many businesses still don’t have a website, let alone a unified, mobile-optimized presence. Even fewer understand how a mobile-friendly website and accurate online listings contribute to better ranking in local search. We can help by with our mobile enabled websites and our business listing distribution solution.

  • We’ll create a unified online presence for both desktop and mobile
  • We’ll create a mobile enabled site that provides directions, phone, hours and product information

Local Search

Being listed with the big four data providers will enable your business to receive accurate listing information and will present accurate online presence and citations that enhance local search rank. It’s important to have one set of common data everywhere: The same data that enables findability for mobile websites will also be syndicated to all listing data providers, thus ensuring that listings are both accurate and consistent.

  • We’ll make sure you have accurate business listing to improve local search
  • We’ll make sure your business listing is accurate to improve online visibility and search leading to increased leads and sales


If you’re business doesn’t have accurate listings, it will miss out on all those people who search for local shopping information via mobile or the internet. The few that do come to your website might leave if it isn’t mobile-friendly.

  • Over 65% users say the most common method for accessing local shopping information is on a smartphone or tablet (BIA/Kelsey, 2013)
  • Sales from mobile grew 43% over last year, accounting for nearly 22% of all online sales (IBM, Dec 2013)
  • 41% of business listings have an inaccurate address
  • The average business has almost 3 different phone numbers across all of its listings

22% of online time is spent on social sites; in addition, social media sites and blogs are being visited by 75% of global consumers.

Buid Fans

Your fan base is an extension of your email list and in some cases there one in the same and as the saying goes ‘the money is in the list’. Some sources say for every fan, follower, and list member you have equals a minimum of one dollar per month for your business.

  • We’ll post and curate interesting content on your behalf
  • We’ll help you discover influencers who will help your business get more followers, fans, and leads
  • We’ll help you post discounts and coupons where appropriate and applicable

Extend Customer Service

Over 51% of Facebook users and 81% of Twitter users expect a response to an online complaint or question within one day. With that kind of time pressure, businesses need a way to instantly hear about what your customers are saying and reply at the drop of a hat. We’ll help by providing the following:

  • We’ll act on your behalf with 2-way communication improving your customers experience
  • We’ll reply quickly which will improve your customers perception of your business

Social Media Leads

One of the most exciting parts of Social Marketing is the ability to find relevant leads based on searches for keywords and phrases. The results are in real-time and can be based on location as well and here’s how we can help:

  • We’ll generate leads in real-time based on time and location via search in social channels
  • We’ll listen to conversations in real-time and act on your behalf to offer solutions and answers to potential customers
  • We’ll listen to conversations in social channels and make offers to potential customers on your behalf

Complete Social & Local Optimization Services

We’ll manage everything soup to nuts and here’s how we’ll drive leads:

  • Directory Listing: We’ll add your website up to 4 major directory listing which will improve local SEO
  • Twitter: We’ll setup, manage and optimize your twitter account an essential social tool for communication and engagement.
  • Google+: We’ll setup, manage, and optimize your 1-Google+ page and local profile an essential tool for findability and local search
  • Choice of social network: We’ll setup, manage, and optimize Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.
  • Reputation Management: We’ll monitor, collect manage, post and reply to reviews
  • Optional services: Email marketing

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Get leads by increasing your online presence without increasing your advertising spend. Contact us to find out more.