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Business Brochure themes

Choose from 13 different Layouts. You can also update your business information, add your own logo, and choose fonts and colors. Best of all you can add unlimited pages to your website without paying more like you do with other services.

Mobile Enabled

Your website will automatically detect when visitors are using mobile devices, and deliver special touch-enabled landing pages that make it easy for them to take action — by calling you or visiting your business. Touch enabled mobile landing pages include Call and Directions buttons, and anything else you want to add!

Social & Blog

Websites with blogs get 5x more traffic. All themes comes with the world’s most popular blogging software built in — WordPress. A built-in blog makes sure you take advantage of this trend for your business. Of course you can also add pictures and embed audio and video into all your pages and posts.

Search Engine Ranking (SEO) Optimized

All themes are designed to rank high in Google Search Results. Proper title tags, descriptions, and micro-formats, coupled with a site structure built for Google, ensures you get the best chance at ranking well for searches in your local area. No matter whether your business national or global all themes will be optimized to work for any country in the world and can be adjusted from local to global.

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