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  • Learn how our protocol reduces muscle loss saving your metabolism

  • Why real food is the only medicine you’ll ever need

  • Why real food is the body’s best weightloss supplement

  • Why exercise can be counter productive during weightloss

  • Why some supplements are dangerous and why they don’t work in long-term

  • How to lower your blood pressure and blood sugar within 3-months

  • How to normalize your hormone deficiency or imbalance

  • Why HCG works and how to do it effectively

  • How to reduce hunger naturally without taking pills, potions, or laxatives

  • How to beat diabetes, pcos, or other metabolic conditions for good

  • How to normalize thyroid issues

  • How to reduce headaches and migraines

  • Why Paleo isn’t the answer for everyone

  • Why eating multiple times per day is counterproductive

  • How Atkins got it wrong

  • For some: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, NurtiSystem will not work

  • How to get your body to burn it’s own fat

  • How to prepare your food for effective fat burning

  • How to adjust your food intake for optimal fat burning

  • How to monitor your blood sugar for optimal food intake

  • How to normalize your blood sugar to lose weight fast

  • Why the HCG protocol can be dangerous and how it can permanently affect metabolism




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